Does your Sage 50 accounting software keep freezing time and again when you try to either open or change any report? If yes, then possibilities are there could be some sort of technical glitch in your operating system.

In this article, we shall be discussing elaborately the issue of Sage 50 2018 Accounting Keeps Freezing and explain some tips to resolve this issue. If at any point of time, you feel this issue is beyond your scope of understanding then speak to our qualified experts at Accountinghub Sage 50 technical support number.

Before we move on to discuss some suggested techniques to fix the issue of Sage 50 freezing, let’s first try to understand the main causes that trigger this problem.

Causes of Sage 50 2018 Keep Freezing Issue

The subscribed user encounters this type of error specifically when they are trying to do any of the following things:

  • Sage 50 software hangs and does not respond when you are repeatedly making an attempt to open a report by means of the Reports menu
  • The program suddenly stops working when you are trying to view some reports by clicking on the Report Centre
  • When you are trying to open a report by clicking on the report option as given on the menu bar, Sage 50 freezes
  • A blare is overheard as the report when you are making an attempt to access a report
  • When the user is not able to provide the desired options because they are not able to see the window that enables them to carry out the desired changes in the available options

Here Some of the Common Reasons that Result in Freezing Sage 50 2018 Accounting Software

  • The operating system (Windows) is also running on another virtual screen that may not have a screen / monitor connected to the workstation
  • A configuration related issue has transpired in your operating system
  • Monitor format has altered and the operating system placing kept on the Sage 50 username no longer line up appropriately in accordance with new monitor resolution

Troubleshoot Steps for Sage 50 2018 Accounting Freezing issue

Solution 1: Launch Sage 50 by means of Administrator rights

For this, you need to do right click on the Sage 50 accounting software application and after that click on the ‘Run as Administrator’

Solution 2:  Make some Modifications in the Display Settings

  • Firstly, you need to press on the Windows Key + P simultaneously that you can easily find on your keyboard.
  • Make sure you select the option from your computer only. This would push the Windows to open the option on your computer screen

Solution 3: Run the Database Utilities Options

  1. First and the foremost thing you need to do is launch your database utilities tool. For this you need to follow the given steps in the order as cited:
    1. For Sage 50 2008 or higher version users:
      1. Ensure you backup your data before we proceed further.
      2. Close all the opened files and programs.
  • Look for C:\Program Files (x86)\(Sage 50 installation folder)\
  1. Find and click twice on these executable file:
    1. 2008-2009: SimplyAccounting_dbutil.exe
    2. 2010 + : Sage_SA_dbutil.exe
  2. Press the Browse tab in Database Utility.
  3. Look for the folder where your data file is placed (the .sai file), click and try to open it.
  • Mark all 4 options and then press the OK tab to start the database repair process.
  • Click on the OK tab and then exit from the opened window.
  1. Lastly, restart Sage 50 so as to confirm that the issue no longer persists.
  1. Mark all the checkboxes options in the database utility dialogue box
  2. Look through for your business-related file and click OK tab

Solution IV: Retune the Report to Default

  1. Firstly, launch the Report by going to the Report Centre in place of the Reports icon
  2. Select the apt report and press change
  3. Retune report to Default Option
  4. Open the report, should operate usually now from both list of options

Solution V: Create the User Account Again (provided not able to view specific  user reports)

  1. Run Sage 50 as sysadmin IN single user mode
  2. Look for Setup option and Setup Users and Roles
  3. Choose that user account and select Remove User option
  4. Now, press on Yes for confirmation
  5. Select Add User to add the user once more and press Close
Technical Support for Sage 50

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