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Sage 50 2021 Installation On Workstation

The transformation of older technology is the key to growth! We already heard about the newly released version of Sage 50 with optimized productive features. So every organization should use the improved software to multiply productivity. Let’s walk through the Sage 50 2021 installation guide to better awareness to proceed with installing process. The primary purpose is to cover each critical concept related to the Sage 50 2021 installation procedure to prevent the obstacles that might occur with the installation process.

Steps to Install Sage 50 2021 in a Single Computer

If you install Sage 50 on a single system, then data files get stored on the same computer where you have done the installation. Here are the steps:

  • Firstly, download the Sage 50 from a trustable resource
  • Once downloaded the file, now run it
  • Click on choose Install Sage 50 Accounting
  • Now proceed with installation steps appearing on the screen
  • Read and accept the license agreement
  • Click on the Yes button if prompt to allow the software to set a firewall; you can even do it manually
  • Write the serial number appears in the product packaging or a received email
  • Hit on Yes on the Single computer to assure that it is the only system executing Sage 50 Accounting
  • Select the program files location; there should be a local drive C or D; it is best to proceed with the default location
  • Browse the location where you need to store company data
  • Hit on the Install button to start installing Sage 50 Accounting
  • Wait for the process to complete, then activate the product

What Instructions Did You Need to Follow When You Need to Install Sage 50 2021 on a Network

  • In this one system acts as a server holding the company data files to allow all Workstation to access it. Here is the list of steps:
  • Initially install Sage 50 Accounting on the server system to store your Sage 50 Accounting company data files.
  • After installing on Server now start installing on each Workstation
  • At last of the Server installation, the on-screen instructions will appear on the screen for installing on workstations.
  • You can quickly locate these instructions saved in a file named Sage 50-Network Installation Manager Instructions.html.

How to do Installation of Sage 50 Accounting in a Server

  • Download Sage 50 2021 file and launch the downloaded file
  • Click on Install Sage 50 Accounting
  • Select the read and accept the license agreement
  • Now Allow Sage 50 Accounting to set the firewall to start the installation by clicking on Yes option
  • Review the email or product packaging to write the serial number
  • Click on No option when prompt on the single computer or network computer; It let Company data to be shared on a network to allow multi-users to access it
  • Choose This Computer is the server
  • Select the default location or any preferred location
  • Accept the set location. This folder with company data must be shared
  • this is the location you will point to when you install on the Workstation so verify that you write the correct location
  • you can click on Back for any modification
  • Hit on the Install button
  • Now you have to share the company data folder; This folder is named as Peachtree
  • Hit on Share the folder to display the Windows Explorer with highlighted folder
  • Do a right-click on the folder
  • Choose properties
  • Locate the sharing option to click on the Share button; You might
  • require to choose Advanced Sharing to share this folder button. It varies with the Windows version you are using.

Steps To Install Sage 50 On Workstation?

Once installed Sage 50 accounting on the server, you have to follow the below instructions to start installing workstations.

  • We have done earlier discussion that the instructions are saved on the server in a file named Sage 50-Network installation Manager Instruction.htm
  • Copy these instructions to every system where you want to install Sage 50 Accounting or take a print out if needed
  • On each Workstation, you have open the file, copy and paste the link provided in instructions and click on it
  • There will appear Sage 50 Company Date file storage window
  • Choose a different computer on the network on the server
  • Click on No on the Single computer or Network computer; this will allow company data to be shared on the network and allow assessed by multiple users
  • Once installation starts, you have to check the information displaying on the Client Install Screen
  • Hit on Click Install.

What Is The Role Of The Network Installation manager In The Sage 50 2021 Installation Process?

For Time Saving! It can be used when need multiple workstations at the same time. Begin the installation in one Workstation and then move it to another one. The network installation manager is not compatible over wireless networks


That’s all about Sage 50 2021 installation guidance! Hopefully, the above document provided you better knowledge to proceed with installing the Sage 50 latest release. For any doubts, feel free to give a ring to Sage 50 helpdesk . The professionals’ team is waiting for you to clear all your barriers across while operating sage 50. Seek assistance through a Sage 50 live chat support if you want to get sort out solutions instantly. Drop an email with Queries; it does not matter which component or error you are facing; you will get served with a relevant solution.


Article Name: Sage 50 2021 Installation On Workstation
Description: Looking for Sage 50 2021 installation guide? Here in this article given the how to install Sage 50 2021 on Server, Workstation and Network easily be follow the given steps.
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Sage 50 2021 Installation on Workstation

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