The most common error that the subscribed users of the Sage 50 accounting software bump into usually is an unavailability of the data services. This type of error is encountered when the user is trying to open their company account in the accounting software application. However, you don’t need to feel anxious as we are here to help you by providing the right guidance.

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This article attempts to explain in detail the prime causes of the Sage 50 data service unavailable error and what all can be done to fix this issue.

What is the reason for Error Sage data service unavailable?

The first and foremost question that can come to anyone’s mind would be what triggers Error Sage data service unavailable. Let’s try to divulge into this fact and understand the prime causes of this glitch in the software.

When you will be trying to open your Sage Accounts, the following message could appear on your computer screen:

  • Not able to connect to Sage Data Service on your workstation [PC name]
  • Data service inaccessible on this workstation

Here are some of the prime causes that trigger the Sage data service unavailability error:

  1. The software is not upgraded to the latest version
  2. The Network connection is damaged/deactivated
  3. The server is not performing unswervingly
  4. Recorded Drive is not put to use
  5. The computer domain name is either not functioningorswitched off
  6. The computerin use is not recorded as it is not the domain supporter

How to Troubleshoot the error Sage data service unavailable?

Let’s discuss each of the above-mentioned causes one by one along with the solution.

Scenario 1: The software is not upgraded to the latest version

For upgrading the software to the latest version, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, you have to Install the newest version of Sage 50 Accounts on the Server
  • The latest release need to be cross-checked on a regular basis so that you can get to know that new additions have been introduced
  • You need to close down all the open data service
  • Once the latest upgrade is installed and the data service will be put to an end. After this, you have to reboot your computer so as to apply the changes
  • Organize the server installation
  • Verify if Microsoft .NET 4.5 is installed appropriately or not
    • For Windows 7 and Vista users: Go to Start button, then to Control Panel and after that click on the Programs option
    • For Window 8 and 10 users: Press the Windows key + R keys simultaneously and type Control Panel. Press on OK button and then Exit from Windows features and enable Microsoft .NET 4.5

Scenario2: The Network connection is damaged/deactivated

  1. Press on the pervasive service in the server to run the program.
  2. Now, click on the Uninstall the service in the event it does not open
  3. Next, try to install Pervasive with all mundane and normalsafetychecks again
  4. Make sure to confirm all the authorizationsare granted in the server
  5. Provide the prerequisiteauthorizations if not previouslyallocated.

Scenario3: The server is not performing unswervingly

  1. Disable the Antivirus software application from the Network and Security provisions.
  2. Try to reinstall the software once again

Scenario 4: Recorded Drive is not put to use

  • Disengage the recorded network.
  • Reconnect the drive with all the right to use and safety measures
  • After this, the server is all set to be used

Scenario 5: The computer domain name is either not functioning or switched off

  • Type the hostname on the server
  • If the requestis unsuccessfulfor quite a number of times, the possibility could be that the network connection is damaged. In such a situation, we would recommend calling the Sage tech support helpdesk.

Scenario 6: The computer in use is not recorded as it is not the domain supporter

  • Check if the domain is linked to the administrative system but not the workstation that receives the prompt.
  • If the answer is yes, then your computer needs to be linked to the domain of the host computer. To get this resolve instantly, please look for Sage application help

Sage 50 Technical Support

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