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How to Use Sage 50 Network Installation Manager

Sage 50 network installation manager tool included in the software offers a streamline the accounting process by smoothly installing the Sage 50 application over a network of computers. With the help of the this Sage 50 network installation manager the installation of Sage 50 software becomes hassle free. It is hassle free and happens in very less time. The tool constrains the need of installation CD while installing Sage 50 on different network computers. It exempts certain steps required for installation that were carried for the previous versions of Sage 50 accounting software.

Sage 50 Network Installation Manager
Sage 50 Network Installation Manager

How to Use Sage 50 Network Installation Manager Functions

Total Time: 5 minutes

Installation of Sage 50 Program on a Single Computer

If you are willing to install Sage 50 software on a network, you need to start with installing Sage 50 accounting software on a system where you are planning to save the company files. Follow the below steps for the following.

πŸ”· Click on Sage50_2015.exe file -> click Install.
πŸ”· Go through and confirm acceptance to the license agreement.
πŸ”· Click Yes and it Sage 50 automatically configures your firewall. Also you can choose for manual configuration of firewall.
πŸ”· If Firewall sends you a warning message during installation choose Allow or Unblock.
πŸ”· Mention the serial number that has been sent to you via registered email.
πŸ”· Choose Yes to run Sage 50 on a single computer on the network window.
πŸ”· Choose the location of the program files.
πŸ”· Click Install to install Sage 50.

Installation of Sage 50 on a System using Network Installation Manager on a Network

πŸ”· When Sage installation is finished on the server computer, you will get a list of options on the summary screen to use network manager to install Sage 50 on rest of the systems.
πŸ”· Go to the option box -> click Install.
πŸ”· Sage 50 accounting software will be installed on the network server.
πŸ”· Sage program will create a copy of the installation files on a shared folder in the backdrop on the server.
πŸ”· Apart from the installation files, Sage will also add a client installation file that will help automate the installation process on each network computer.
πŸ”· When the process ends you will find a text file that shows the location of the installation folder on the server including the instructions on how to use for installing Sage 50 on other systems.
πŸ”· As the installation files are replicated on the server, you are no needed to have the installation CD to carry out installation of Sage 50 software.
πŸ”· From another network server open the folder where Sage 50 installation file is located and then run the client installation file.
πŸ”· You just have to click Install and the Network Installation Manager will carry out the other steps. It automatically downloads, installs, and upgrade Sage 50 software on PC depending upon the configuration mentioned by the server installation. It comprise of as follows:
πŸ”· Location of configuration files
πŸ”· Place of the data path
πŸ”· Position of the company data folder
πŸ”· Serial number of the product, that is necessary for installation and registration

Video Tutorial for Use Sage 50 Network Manager


When the installation process begins on the system you can shift to another workstation to start the installation process. You do not have to waste time waiting for the process to complete in one computer. Thus the Network Installation Manager helps you to install Sage 50 on multiple computers at the same time that was missing in the previous versions.

For any doubt, problem or query in handling Network Installation Manager tool you can connect with the reliable Sage support agency – It hires a strong competent team of Sage experts who are experienced and knowledgeable in handling the issues. They assure quick and feasible resolution in a short time. You can connect with the team directly by the toll free number and garner Sage instant support.

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