Dealing With Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing Error

Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing

What does the error ‘Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing’ mean?

Sage 50 users are required to create their own pages in the name of their companies to operate the software but sometimes, a user might end up not finding that page.

If you are faced with this situation where you find that the page for selecting the company has disappeared, it means you are dealing with error Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing. Instead of landing on the page where you can select the company, you will land up on a page that says, ‘last company opened’. Trying to get the page back can sometimes take time and effort and some users have even tried to load it from their installation CDs but failed.

Sometimes, you might even be able to see the missing company folder in the data folder but the name of the company will be missing in the list.

Causes of Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing Error

One of the main causes for the Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing is when the company.dat file is damaged or becomes corrupt. If on the other hand, you try to open the company list in the new version of Sage 50, this error can appear.

The other reason could be that the data in the INI file has not been configured properly or alternately, the company.dat file is not in the INI data path and is stored in some other location. Sometimes, two different company files may get overwritten into one another and that could cause one of the files to go missing.

If your system was installed without a properly networked drive or if your Windows operating system has been changed, it can also result in your company file moving out from the companies list. When you try to access the company.dat file through Remote Desktop (RDP) you could face this issue.

If you install Sage 50 in a new system using a different data path or if your data is in another location and you have not restored it, you could face this error. It can also occur when you change your user license from a single user to a multiple user license. You normally look for your company list in the program files but sometimes you end up looking for it in the Automatic Backup Configuration and this can also result in the error.

Step for fix Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing Error

Depending on how the cause of the error in your system is assessed, there are different approaches to resolve the issue. In case your company.dat file is damaged or gets corrupted, try to restore it in your data backup if it’s good enough; else you might have to opt for professional data repair.

If you have never opened the company list in a new version of Sage 50, go to File and Select ‘Open Company’, then select the company and click ‘OK’ for the Conversion Wizard. After conversion, close your Sage 50 and open it again to check if the company you’re looking for is visible in the list.

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If you’re facing any problem with the error Sage 50 No Companies Listed or Company Missing or any other issue with the software, contact the Sage technical support team on toll free number . You will be assisted by highly trained, skilled and experienced customer support personnel who are available 24×7.