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Sage 50 Remote Access

Have you been recently thinking about making use of the Sage 50 remote access feature? And want to know how you can make most of this feature of Sage 50 accounting software application from a business point of view.

What Does Remote Access Means In General

Generally speaking, the terminology ‘Remote access’ means that the user is facilitated with a provision which enables them to access a machine from another place on a wide area network (WAN) by means of your own machine.

Most popular procedures of remote access comprise Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Terminal Provision and Remote Desktop Connection.

If you wish to know a bit more about remote access feature of Sage 50 accounting software, please feel free to speak to one of our Accountinghub Sage tech support team member.

Sage 50 Accounting Software Application Remote Access Friendly Or Not

Indeed, you can remotely access your Sage 50 accounts remotely. However, you are more likely to face one of the following problems when you are trying to access your company files remotely:

  1. Performance Related Issues– There are high chances that you may feel that your Sage software application is relatively working much at a snail pace when you are trying to access it remotely on a Wide Area Network (WAN).
  2. Unification With Other Sage Program Not Function Appropriately– In case, you are thinking of combining your Sage accounts with any other Sage application then you perhaps have to install the same application on the machine which you are using to access your accounts remotely.

Important Tip: While installation of other Sage application, you have to bear in mind that you do hold the license for the same otherwise you won’t be able to continue with the integration process.

  1. Integration Of MS Office Could Be A Real Struggle– Well yes you read that absolutely right. If you wish to connect your MS office with your Sage accounts you will have to again install the MS office software on the machine you are using to access your company accounts remotely. It is not possible to connect the MS office software that you have installed in the local machine.
  2. E-Banking Feature Won’t Work For You– Again, if you wish to make use of the E-banking provision while working on your Sage accounting software application then you have to setup the banking app first and afterward link same with the bank services on the remote machine.
  3. Telephone Services– You can make use of the auto-dial feature while working on your Sage accounting software application in order to call on the numbers you have included in your phone directory in the software with a click of a button. However, this provision won’t be working in case when you are using the remote machine.
  4. Web Page Links And Email Accounts– When you are working on your Sage accounting software application, you are facilitated with a provision wherein you can tap on a button to compose an email to be sent to a particular email address saved in the program or you can open any web page link that you have saved in your software with click of a button. Nevertheless, if you wish to make use of the services on your remote machine then you have to configure the settings of an email and Internet access provision on the remote machine as well.

Where Will You Be Requiring The Assistance Of The Sage Experts?

Everything won’t be possible for you to do manually when it comes to the remote access provision. There are some areas which are beyond your access zone. You can seek the assistance of the Sage professionals in the following cases:

  • When you want to get your Sage Accounts installed on a Terminal Server and other MS operating systems as mentioned in the minimum system requirements that will be required to connect your remote machine.
  • When you want to improve the overall performance of your Sage software application while accessing your accounts from a remote location.
  • Issues related to promptness or performance of the Sage software

Conclusion :

For any advanced resolutions to resolve problems that you are facing while forming Sage 50 remote access, call our Sage helpline to speak to our Accountinghub Sage Software Support team experts now.


Article Name: Sage 50 Remote Access
Description: In this article, we shall be taking you through how you can seamlessly access Sage 50 remotely and carry out your business even when you are on the go.
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Sage Remote Access

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