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What’s New in Sage 50 US 2019

This article focuses on the latest Sage 50 update, including the Sage 50 2019 features. Sage 50 is a suite of business solutions software that allows small and mid-sized companies handle their HR, payroll, and accountancy functions. It integrates with Office 365 and is also cloud-compatible, allowing access to data on the go and making collaboration across teams and places possible.

Modern User Interface

  • In the update, Sage 50’s main window has a monochrome color scheme and flat icons and menus. It has been redesigned keeping in mind high-resolution monitors and screens of different sizes. So, if the window can’t display every toolbar button, the remaining buttons can be accessed via an arrow.
  • The changes are just to the layout and not to the program. Also, layout and functions of menus and navigation centers haven’t been changed.
  • Inactive Inventory Items on the Basis of Last Activity Date
  • Users can choose inventory items on the basis of the last activity date and declare the entire group to be inactive. This does away with the need to mark all outdated items as inactive one at a time.

Adding a Cleared Column to Check Register

Sage 50 now provides the facility to add a column to show the Cleared Date in the Check Register and Cash Disbursements Journal reports. Users must select the Column button that’s in the report window and select Cleared Date to display the date on which the transaction in account reconciliation was cleared.

Improved ‘Click to Pay’ Options

In the 2017.2 Sage 50 update, users could include a payment link in email invoices, allowing customers to pay online. But the option was universally turned on to show the ‘Pay Now’ link in email invoices and had to be manually turned off for every customer. But the new version allows users to turn the option off for all customers.

Sage Time Slips 2019 Features

Day View Slip Entry

This is available for Timeslips Premium. Day View provides timekeepers a visible look of their working day. If start times are provided, users can see the slips fill up in the day, allowing them to easily detect spot gaps in time

Integration with LawPay

This is available for Premium and Perpetual. The link between Timeslips and Law Pay will include a ‘pay now’ link in emails to clients, who will be able to pay online by clicking the link.

When the payment is completed, Sage Timeslips will open a window displaying any payments that are waiting for application to invoices. The payment can then be applied as needed.

Client Contacts

This is available for Premium and Perpetual. Sage 50 2019 Features provides the option for including additional contacts in a client record. This allows users to keep track of supplementary contacts like judges, opposing counsel etc.

Timesheet Entry Filter Options

This is available for Premium and Perpetual. Users can filter the Timesheet entry templates to view only relevant templates.

Security Profile Overview Report

This is available for Premium and Perpetual. The new report provides details of settings of Timekeepers’ Profile in one location and the report can be shown or exported for review.

Flat Fee Billing Arrangement Assignment for Timekeepers

This is available for Premium and Perpetual. When a flat fee billing arrangement is set up, users can choose who will get credit for the entire amount of time charges. All the unallocated amounts can be avoided in Contributions Report. After invoicing, a contributions tab displaying the fee recipient will be seen on the payment.

This can also be set up retrospectively for every flat fee billing arrangement. If you need any other information on Sage 50 2019 Features latest version, then please call our Sage Technical Support Team. The Sage helpdesk is available to answer your queries and provide help on any sage 50 product download or application-related issue.


Article Name: What’s New in Sage 50 US 2019
Description: Here is details of what’s new features in Sage 50 2019. Sage 50 2019 provides many options that can maintain data security and deter unauthorized users from possible fraudulent activities.
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Sage 50 2019

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