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Sage 50 Year End not Responding

Sage 50 year end not responding is one of the most troublesome error notifications that has made many users of the accounting software lament. The good news is that you can do away with this problem manually.

However, if you wish to seek the assistance of experts then must connect with our Accountinghub Sage 50 tech support team now.

Most Conceivable Reasons that Could Generate Sage 50 Year End not Responding Error

When you are trying to work on the financial year end close, the software app may hand during the process and the title bar will show the given notifications:

  • Not answering back
  • Financial year end hangs
  • Financial year end freezes

As per the experts, the main reason that can trigger this error could be:

When the Sage BusinessVision process in running through the year end closure process but the user’s operating system considers it is basically “Not Answering Back”

If you are getting some other message notification which you are not able to decipher, please contact our Sage experts by calling on our tech support helpline number.

Troubleshoot Sage 50 Year End not Responding Error notification

Resolve the Sage 50 year end not responding glitch, you can perform the given steps in the sequence as stated:

When you are making an attempt to close the financial year, the software application out of blue hangs and an error notification appears on the title bar displaying “Not answering back”. On the other hand, the software application is still operating in the background.

Here are some of the steps that you need to perform when you are experiencing the above mentioned situation:

  • First and the foremost thing that you need to do is to not to make an attempt to put an end to the running process.
  • Have some patience and try to hold your fire till the time the running process comes to an end itself or it results in displaying an error message.
  • In case, you have already clicked on the stop button, then in such situations, the only way to fix the problem is that you have to reinstate the backup of the company data for the reason that your data would now be either corrupted or damaged. To reinstate data backup, you have to follow the given steps:

Reinstate Data for your Sage 50

      • First of all, navigate to the File menu > click on the Restore option that you can see in the pull-down list.
      • Click on the Next button
      • In order to find out the backup data that you wish to restore, hit on the Browse option. Otherwise, you can also write the drive (where you could have saved the data backup) letter along with the file title into the path box. Let’s say D:/SageP11D0318.003
      • Click on the category of the file you wish to restore. Let’s say Data Files > after this click on Next tab> then hit on the Finish button.
      • Provide your login credentials as in your username and passcode into the field and try to sign in your account.
      • When you will do so, your Sage 50 accounting software application will open and will show up the newly restored company data.
    • Lastly, you have to confirm whether the software application is still functioning in the background or not. For this, you have to perform the given steps:
      • First of all, try to open your information folder in the Windows Explorer, after that try to select the Information View and double check the day of the week and magnitude of the files. If you discover that the date, as well as the magnitude of the files is fluctuating, then it clearly indicates that the process is still functioning in the background. Here, we would recommend taking the advice of the experts instead of wasting your time.

Are you still not able to fix the Sage 50 year end not responding error message despite trying all the above mentioned procedures? No need to fret! Just connect with our Accountinghub Sage 50 Technical Support Team experts and get an immediate resolution to your problem. Dial now.


Article Name: Sage 50 Year End not Responding
Description: In this article, we shall be discussing elaborately some of the prospective reasons that could make Sage 50 year end not responding and simple methods that can help you resolve the glitch manually.
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Sage 50 Year End Not Working

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