The Sage 50 Act is a software application which is based on the Customer Relation Management (CRM). It keeps the track record of the centralized database of the clients and their prospects. It runs on the Microsoft Windows and the data is to be stored in the SQL server database. It is incorporated with the Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, as well as other applications. Even though Sage Act is an exceptional software, there may be some circumstances where a person might encounter some errors. There is one such error known as Sage Act Error 2601. In that situation, you can try to resolve it or contact the customer support for their assistance by dialing their toll free number .

What is Sage Error 2601?

The Sage Error 2601 is basically the Sage act error. It occurs when a user is trying to back up, copy, repair, create a remote database or synchronize a remote database in the Sage Act application. In that situation, the user may receive an error.

Error: “Cannot insert the duplicate key row in the object ‘sys.syscommittab’ with the unique index ‘si_xdes_id’…..error 2601”.

This error can be seen in the Sage Act applications i.e. Sage Act Pro and Sage Act Premium. It occurs in the Sage versions of 2012, 2103, v16, v17, 18. The damaged caused by this error can take place during the Windows operating system which has been corrupted. It will result in the slowdown of the programs and the response time of the application will be delayed. The main problem arises when there are many programs that will start crashing and freezing simultaneously. There are other reasons too which can lead to the occurrence of this error.

Resolution of Sage Act Backup Error 2601

The solution of this error is quiet simple. There are many ways by which you can resolve this Sage Act Error 2601. Here are two ways by which a user can resolve this issue:

Method I: Sage Act Backup Error 2601 Repair Tool

  • The users will have to download this tool and run in their system
  • This tool will then automatically repair all the errors by effectively locating and identifying all the errors from the computer.
  • It will also help the system to run faster and smoothly.

Method II: Microsoft SQL Server

  • This error can also be the result of the Microsoft SQL Server databases fail which was due to the duplicate database table row which was inserted in the back of the database.
  • In this situation you will have to obtain the latest service pack for the SQL server as all the latest Microsoft SQL Server has the fix for the previous versions.
  • As all the Service packs are cumulative so the latest service pack contains the fixes of the issues that where present in the previous service pack along with some other features and fixes.
  • The user won’t have to install the previous service pack in order to resolve the fixes. They will just have to install the latest service pack thus resolving the issues.

Here are the two different ways by which a user can resolve this error but if the users needs some assistance from the customer support they can call on their toll free number .

What is

There are some instances where the Sage customer support are unable to connect back with you due to some technical issues. In that situation, you can always contact the accountinghub . They are alternative of the Sage customer support. The accountinghub provides the Sage support to the million of the sage users worldwide. They have sage certified experts who will guide you throughout your issues. They are available 24*7 to provide their assistance to the millions of the Sage users in the different parts of the world. To contact them, you can dial their toll free number .