How to Fix Sage Bank Card Error and Decline Codes

Sage Bank Card Errors and Decline Codes

Whenever a user is trying to make bank transactions, there can be few errors and those errors are Sage 50 Bank errors related to the cards and decline codes. As there are various amounts of bank transactions, Sage prefers to use various Sage Gateways for the diverse bank cards.

Sage has its own payment gateway for the payments and other transactions that take place. The payment gateway of Sage is the merchant service available for the retailers that work online and the businesses that accept online payments. No doubt, the Sage payment gateway is a secure, proficient and a simple solution for payments. With the advancement in the technology, many kinds of payment methods have come up. Most of the customers have now switched to the online transactions instead of using debit cards or credit card payments.

But, we can’t deny the fact that no software is perfect. Sage users can also come across these errors related to the Bankcards or decline codes.

Types of Sage Bank Card Error and Decline Codes:

  • Code errors related to the decline of payments.
  • Rejections from the sage gateway.

The above two errors can be differentiated from each other as the decline error can be encountered when a transaction gets blocked by the customer’s bank. On the other hand, rejections related to the gateway occur when the gateway settings get blocked as for the payment.

Some of the Bankcard Decline Codes that one can encounter when using Sage Gateway:

Error CodeError Type
000000Error related to the internal server
711711Error when trying to review the report
900001Customer name invalid
900004Customer state invalid
900016Invalid customer card number
910000Disallowance of service
911911Data format found to be invalid
920000No items found
920002Failure of AVS
930000Risk related to the fraud

Steps to Fix Sage Bank Card Errors and Decline Codes:

  • If you are facing a decline code error, speak to your bank to know the root cause.
  • The chances are your bank will help you figure out the reason of the error.
  • Correct the error
  • Try making a payment once again.

Alternate Solution:

Usually the Sage bankcard errors and decline codes arise due to the wrong data entered whenever you are trying to make a transaction. Verifying the data after entering the relevant fields can help you to overcome these types of errors. Try making the transactions again.

Sage 50 Technical Support

Not able to resolve the Sage Bankcard error and decline codes? Don’t panic as there is our Sage Technical Support Team available to help you overcome the problems and make your bank transactions successfully completed.

You can raise your query to any of our Sage Technical Support Experts whenever you come across the error. The technical experts are 24*7 online to provide you instant solutions. Reach them via their Toll Free Number .