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How to Resolve Sage Error 40960

The sage error 40960 is an error that occurs in the database connection. The error is related to the sage 300. The user will see a message like “cannot access database.” The configuration for the database has to be corrected to resolve this error.

Now, we will address the underlying causes of error 40960. 

Sage Error 40960

We assume that you have installed all the latest updates in order to get rid of this error. The major reason for this error is caused if you neglect the interface with the data set. Still after getting familiar with and formulating an information base setting, some people will still face some errors. 

You should have all the updates installed in your system if not, and then we recommend you install all the latest updates. Moreover, we recommend logging into windows and sage 300 with an administrative account. Without the administrative account, you won’t have administrative privileges and won’t be able to access settings in the window to make changes.

Cause of Sage Error 40960

If you are using a Data source name (DNS) to database setup points to the wrong server.

The way we can fix this error is to configure DSN correctly using the correct database server. Follow the steps:

  1. Open the 32 bit DSN settings
  2. Click on the DSN used by sage 300
  3. Click Configure
  4. Complete the configuration of the DSN by referring to the correct settings.
  5. Now click on save

Now, you can restart the system. Resume working on your software.

Another issue you may face while logging into the Sage 300 is that it may be locked. You need to troubleshoot for which you check the SQL driver installed on the bad workstation and confirm that the proper ones are installed. If all the things are correct here, the existing ODBC DSN should be deleted on the problem workstation and then recreated. If you do not find a DSN, create the appropriate one. Now, try to log in again. 

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Database Software Incorrect Version

Now the steps that you will learn require an understanding of database engines and application databases used by Sage 300 ERP (including Pervasive SQL, Microsoft/Transact SQL, or MySQL, etc.). Yet, without proper knowledge, you should not attempt these steps on your own; instead call for an authorized person or database administrator for assistance. The people at Customer Support are not responsible if errors occur from changes to the database without prior knowledge or assistance. Finally, ensure a full backup before making any changes. Only those who are using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 onwards with Sage 300 ERP 5.6 and up may come up with this challenge. 

Remove any ODBC connections in the ODBC setup in Windows. 

 “Invalid user ID. The connection user ID specified in the system database profile is not valid” may pop up. 

How to Resolve Sage Error 40960

  1. Confirm to System DSN used in ODBC is correct SQL login credentials. System DSN named [server name] 32 if the server name is used.
  2. Select System DSN and click Configure
  3. Enter SQL credentials and test the connection.
  4. Create a Database Setup and assign the verified DSN to the Company and System databases.
  5. If an error happens when connecting to a terminal server connected to Windows 2008, you just need to right-click on the executable and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

Installing or repairing the SQL Native Client driver may resolve an issue when logging into a Sage 300 ERP Microsoft SQL database.

When you Open up a Company Database

Access Denied: Cannot open this company because Database has been locked by another company. 

This error flashes if you are running version 11 of a Pervasive database on a virtual server.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Find Windows then Start menu > select Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > ODBC Data Sources.
  2. Select the System DSN tab.
  3. Select by identifying the ODBC connection 
  4. Click Configure and then copy all the settings as you need to recreate this ODBC connection.
  5. For deleting the ODBC connection Click on Remove
  6. Click Add and recreate the ODBC connection.
  7. Save changes.

👉 Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.What is Sage 300 Software?

Ans : It is the flagship of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software given by the Sage group. You can use this form:

▪ Accounting 
▪ Manufacturing
▪ Distribution
▪ Inventory
▪ Payments
▪ Sales
This software can help you to micromanage and micro-analyze all that is related to your business. 

Q 2.How can you Fix Accounting Errors?

Ans : If you want to diagnose and fix errors then you may require technical knowledge of Sage, windows, and database. There are different organizations that have different people related to different fields. But here, luckily we have a team of experts that troubleshoot problems and fix errors like the Sage error 40960. 

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Article Name: How to Resolve Sage Error 40960
Description: Database connection Error : Sage error 40960 is related to the sage 300. Generally occurs with an error message "cannot access database." In the above article we are explaining the causes and troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue ....
Author Name: Ruby Willims
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Sage 50 Error Code 40960

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