The Sage 50 Pastel is another add-on feature by the Sage Group. It offers a range of accounting solutions which are easy to use and consumes less time. The user can improve their business, the Sage pastel has three versions accordingly. The Sage Pastel Partner Advantage, Sage Pastel partner for NPOs and sage Pastel Xpress Advantage are the three types of the Sage Pastel software. They belong to pervasive database manager. Even through its a great software which helps in the growth of your business, there are certain instance where the user may encounter the error like Sage Pastel Error 20. In that situation you can try to resolve the error yourself by following the steps given below or contact the customer support by calling on their toll free number +1844-313-4856.

What is Sage Pastel Error 20

When the User receives the Sage Pastel Error 20 while starting up the software Sage Pastel Partner or Express, it means their database is not running or licensed. The causes for the error are:

Step for Fix Sage Pastel Error 20

To resolve this error you will have to follow the steps below:

Method I: Manually start Pervasive

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Go to all programs option.
  • Click on Pervasive, then Pervasive.SQL
  • Now select the Engines option
  • Finally start Work group Engine.
  • Now check on the task-bar whether the Pervasive Engine Icon has appeared or changed from red to green sign.
  • If the icon has appeared or changed to green colour, it means the error has been eliminated.

Method II: Check Map Drive Connection (Workstation Only)

While the user is working on the workstation and they have encountered the error 20, then they should follow the steps below:

  • Check the mapped network drive on your workstation.
  • Double click on the mapped drive
  • Check whether the connection is up and running.
  • Close the Window.
  • Now try connecting to the Sage Pastel program again.

Here are two different methods to resolve the Sage pastel error 20. You can resolve your error by following the steps but if you have any doubt you can contact the AccountingHub by calling them on their toll free number +1844-313-4856.

What is

There are certain instances where a user might encounter some error. In that situation they generally contact the Sage customer support but sometimes they are unavailable due to some reason. In that case a user can always contact the AccountingHub which is a Sage third party consultancy. They deal with the Sage related problems. They have sage certified people who provide their expertise to the Sage users whenever the user have some trouble in using Sage or when they have encountered some error. To contact them the user just have to dial the toll free Sage technical support number +1844-313-4856. These Sage experts of AccountingHub are available 24*7 to provide their assistance to the Sage users.