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Sage Pastel Error Code 20

The Sage 50 Pastel is another add-on feature by the Sage Group. It offers a range of accounting solutions which are easy to use and consumes less time. The user can improve their business, the Sage pastel has three versions accordingly. The Sage Pastel Partner Advantage, Sage Pastel partner for NPOs and sage Pastel Xpress Advantage are the three types of the Sage Pastel software. They belong to pervasive database manager. Even through its a great software which helps in the growth of your business, there are certain instance where the user may encounter the error like Sage Pastel Error 20. In that situation you can try to resolve the error yourself by following the steps given below or contact the customer support by calling on their toll free number .

Causes Of Sage Pastel Error Code 20?

When the User receives the Sage Pastel Error 20 while starting up the software Sage Pastel Partner or Express, it means their database is not running or licensed. It is pretty possible that this error can be caused due to multiple reasons. Here are few possible causes that are listed below: 

  • Pervasive Database Manager is not running in your system.
  • The user may not be using the licensed pervasive.
  • Incorrect installation of the p
  • The workstation is unable to create a link to the Server engine when the user is using pervasive database manager.
  • Incorrect installation of the application
  • If pervasive is not licensed then also this error can happen 
  • Either pervasive engine or Service not running 
  • The components of the pervasive are not installed properly. 

Programs That Can Prevent Pervasive From Installing Or Running Properly Include:

User Account Control Settings: If not turned off, the licenses will not be able to be applied. 

Anti-Virus programs: If there is no exceptions for Pervasive ports

Windows Firewalls: If the Pervasive ports have not been added. 

Steps To Turn Off The UAC In Windows 7

  • First, press the Windows keys and then move to the Control Panel 
  • Next, search for UAC within the Control Panel and then press Enter from your console 
V9MGzmi1QBciKdpUAWmsMOSqjmVOlltVjZ6cekMLHeLlSlAxu73C434UTAECLA8hLsT6BjJumVGA3EM9iXclc 8Xur1zoJYALK9FilcvJmhTObq1khyfrE7v1JSzmXoF5 E 97o
  • Click on the “Change User Account Control” settings option 
  • Look for the User Account Control Settings window will display 
hdDNdKXKQk 706yPYEa5y cyXsKVIwzVAbDaRpBB1knAwbuS2slfUynHDrAgZB fXJBJ2saI6uZ1y96cYNWRrIwC yZSyZJCFfwdX4yj6d4gDeA FAPZonzRQyidJdpeq N12MA
  • Check if the slide is at the “Never notify” option.

Steps To Turn Off The User Account Control In Windows 8 & Windows 10

  • In the beginning, press the Windows Start menu 
  • Next, search for UAC in the search tab
Nq hruuNR6Y9IZgOa3ys1N7NNvHk6ToQ3CaMDGChNLJXt4IueLJQQpny0u n9FJUORQjecwynKLXzAYuiT CZIf pJlQ0XKdnlfW8Lta 6MMsGJJSTBPMr znlMaCjYq3r Zeuw
  • Choose the option “Change User Account Control Settings” 
  • After that, a screen display “User Account Control Settings” 
  • Make sure that the slider is at the bottom to “Never Notify”

Instructions To Turn Off The User Account Control In Windows Vista 

  • To start with pressing the Windows Start button and then select Control Panel 
  • Type the UAC in the search bar and then press the “Enter” key from your keyboard 
  • Click “Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off” 
  • A “Turn on User Account Control (UAC) to make your computer more secure” screen will display 
Vz81EyuQ7 Dm1X73UkhtPa8mgIJ1 2kgVYUaCJ8Y8Ws1gEl2iIbeqbtRNITjcYYpV8X2oHao2k8YXdBVjVpIvIrka8lXb6aqyxCOO6R9JbpvvO sbtx RDuQcZ8YW E2W4CLekw
  • Make sure that the option Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your system” should not be check marked. 

Step For Fix Sage Pastel Error 20

To resolve this error you will have to follow the steps below:

Method 1 : Manually Start Pervasive

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Go to all programs option.
  • Click on Pervasive, then Pervasive.SQL
  • Now select the Engines option
  • Finally start Work group Engine.
  • Now check on the task-bar whether the Pervasive Engine Icon has appeared or changed from red to green sign.
  • If the icon has appeared or changed to green colour, it means the error has been eliminated.

Method 2 : Verify Whether You Have The Correct Licenses

You must ensure that the version of Pervasive installed on all machines is the same as the version you are licensed for in a multi-user mode.

  • Go to the Taskbar and then double-click on the Pervasive Engine Icon 
  • The Pervasive Engine Screen will display and then note down the details of the engine i.e. Database Service Manager for Workgroup Engine 9.60 
  • Next, move to the Windows Start menu and then select “All Programs” 
  • And then click on the Pervasive and then select “Pervasive SQL” 
  • Once done with that then click “Other Utilities” and then select the “License Administrator” 
  • The list of Applied Licenses will be displayed in a License Administrator dialogue
  • Make sure that there is a Permanent License Type that matches with the Pervasive workgroup
  • Also, make sure that you’re using the correct version of the client/server engine as well as the correct version that you’re using. 

Method 3 : Check Map Drive Connection (Workstation Only)

While the user is working on the workstation and they have encountered the Sage error 20, then they should follow the steps below:

  • Check the mapped network drive on your workstation.
  • Double click on the mapped drive
  • Check whether the connection is up and running.
  • Close the Window.
  • Now try connecting to the Sage Pastel program again.

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Here are two different methods to resolve the Sage pastel error 20. You can resolve your error by following the steps but if you have any doubt you can contact the AccountingHub by calling them on their toll free number .

Winding Up :

This blog ends here with a hope that it will be helpful for you in fixing Sage Pastel Error Code 20. The above-described methods are easy to apply so the only suggestion is to perform each and every solution in a given sequence very carefully. In that case a user can always contact the AccountingHub which is a Sage third party consultancy. They deal with the Sage related problems. They have sage certified people who provide their expertise to the Sage users whenever the user have some trouble in using Sage or when they have encountered some error. To contact them the user just have to dial the toll free Sage technical support number . These Sage experts of AccountingHub are available 24*7 to provide their assistance to the Sage users.

💠Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How Do I Obtain Which Version Of Pervasive You Are Installed For?

Ans: 1. Move to the system that can access the Sage Pastel Accounting
2. Go to the Help menu >>> “About”
3. A screen “About Pastel” will display
4. The type and version of Pervasive will appear which is next to the Pervasive Engine i.e. Workgroup (V10).

Q 2. How Do I Check If The Pervasive Engine Or Service Is Running In Sage?

Ans: 1. For Windows 7 user: Go to the Start menu >> All Programs >> Pervasive >> Engines
2. For Windows 8 & 10 user: Use the search tab and type “Engines”
3. Next, you have to select the “Stop Engine” and then hit Ok
4. Now, select the “Start Engine” and then click “Ok” once again
5. Should you not find the option Engines navigate to the Control Panel
6. Select Administrative tools
7. Select Services
8. Look for and click Pervasive PSQL Engine
9. Select Start or Restart the Service on the top left of the screen depending on which option is available:

Q 3. What Is The Process To Check Whether The Pervasive Is Licensed Or Not?

Ans: Simply open the Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E Keys from your keyboard. Search for the Guilcadm.exe and then double-click on the same. The ‘Pervasive Software License Administrator’ screen will display. Make sure that the Permanent Licenses are correct.

Version 8 and Version 9
💠 1 line showing a license type of Permanent and a User Count of the number of users i.e. 5

Version 10
💠 2 lines
💠 1 line showing a 1 user permanent license
💠A 2nd line to show the user count increase i.e. 5 users would show as Permanent 1 user count increase 4


Article Name: Sage Pastel Error Code 20
Description: Sage Pastel Error Code 20 occurs when the Pervasive Engine or Service in not running or Pervasive is not licensed. Follow the given steps of this article to resolve this issue.
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Sage Pastel Error 20

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