SagePay 5080 error is one of the most generic errors that the subscribed users of the SagePay software application gripe over. This type of error can happen due to different technical reasons.

This article explains different reasons that could trigger SagePay5080 error and what all steps need to be taken care of to get rid of this issue.

Causes SagePay Error 5080 Form transaction registration failed.

When you are trying to deposit the transaction form to Sagepay system, there are chances that this error could trigger pointing out to the fact that there could be an issue with the format used for depositing the transaction or the encryption of the password.

You will see the subsequent message on your screen when you will experience Sagepay 5080 error:

5080:ERROR: Form transaction registration failed.

For prompt resolution, you can speak to our Accountinghub Sage tech support team at our application help number.

How to Troubleshoot SagePay 5080 Error

  • For resolving the Sagepay 5080 error, you will have to signin your Sagepay account. Once you are done with the signing procedure, you just need to look for the transactions tab and click on the same. After this, go to the Invalid sub screen from the selections that you can easily find on the left hand side.
  • You will notice that the invalid transaction will be displayed in this section with a clarification and and additional error code to search for.
  • In some situations the transaction will not bring to light in this screen, indicative of an issue with the encryption that has been used on your deposit.

For speedy resolution of this type of error in Sagepay software, you need to follow the given steps in the sequence as mentioned below:

Solution 1: Encryption of the password:

  • Before you decide to carry out any sort of measure, you need to make sure that at the encryption password that you have been making use of a right passcode. If by any chance your encryption password is not correct, then the possibilities are quite high that your crypt string will be erroneously built thereby triggering this error 5080.
  • You can easily acquire your encryption password simply by signing in your MySagePay admin panel as the chief administrative user. On the other hand, if this is accurate then we would recommend you to verify your encryption technique and procedure to make sure it is in agreement with the SagePay terms and conditions that you can easily find online. Else you can contact Sage experts to discuss related requirements in detail at our Sage tech support helpdesk number.

Note – The encryption passwords used for both TEST and LIVE are relatively not same.  In case, you are making use of the encryption password for TEST on theLIVE machine, or vice versa, this could result in an error.  You can get your discrete encryption passwords from TEST and LIVE MySagePay.

Let’s try to understand in more detail about the encryption password for better clarity:

What is an Encryption Password?

An encryption password is a combination of characters (Upper and lowercase) and digits that can be used to encrypt and create the “Crypt string” that is directed from your machine when a transaction is recorded by means of SagePay software application.

In order to make sure the safety of your transnational data you are allocated with two different encryption password one for a TEST and other one for LIVE.

How one can generate or obtain the encryption password?

When you setup your Sagepay account, you are given right to use the My SagePay admin panel.  Once you have signed in to your account as the prime admin user, you are authorized to choose the Settings followed by Admin that you can find on the left side of the screen.  You will then find the encryption key.

What for encryption password is required?

When you are trying to use not made to order shopping cart,you have to provide your SagePay vendor name and encryption password.

What is a Crypt String?

Your crypt string mainly encompasses of all of the transnational details that redirected to Sagepay.  Details that is directed in the crypt string mainly comprises of –

  • Client name
  • Address information
  • Basket contents
  • Quantity
  • Currency

For a more cutting-edge solution for the SagePay 5080 error, give us a call at our Sage 50 technical Support number 1844 313-4856 and discuss your issues in detail with our Accountinghub SagePay technical support team.


Q1 – What is Sage Pay 5080 Error?

A – While performing the transaction through the Sage pay software, due to a problem with encryption of format of the post the error which comes is known as Sage pay 5080 Error.

Q2 – How can we recognize that Sage Pay 5080 error occurs?

A – When Sage 50 Pay 5080 errors come you can see the message coming on the computer screen as

5080: Error: Form transaction registration failed

Q3 –What are different characters available in an encrypted password

A – Encryption password is a combination of Upper and Lowercase characters

Q4 – How to get the encryption password?

A – Simply go to the MySagePay admin panel as a chief administrative user